The Northwoods Lodge is located on the main north-south
snowmobile trail on the west edge of Florence County.  From here
you can ride the Blue Ox Trails in Florence County or the 100 Mile
Snow Safari in Forest County.  Michigan trails are only a short ride
away as well.  Check out the following sites for snow and trail

Florence County Snowmobile Club

100 Mile Snow Safari

John Dee's Snow Central

Our central location offers numerous choices for where to ride.  
There are many towns within a 40 mile trail ride that offer places to
eat or things to do such as the
George Young Recreational Complex.  
However,  at the end of the day you'll want to come back to Long
Lake where the peacefulness of a small northwoods town still
exists.  Long Lake may be small, but it offers everything you'll need
without the hassle that goes with the more popular tourist locations.  
We have ample parking for trailers and machines.

Long Lake Businesses
Click on the thumbnails to see photos from the trails on February 12:
Long Lake
Trail 9 at the Pine River
100 Mile Snow Safari south of Popple River
Ski  Brule is located about 20 minutes away and offers downhill
skiing, tubing, and many other winter activities.  There are also
numerous places to go cross country skiing within minutes of the
Northwoods Lodge.

New Year's Eve we joined our first guests of the Northwoods Lodge
at Ski Brule.  Click on the thumbnail below to see our group photo.

Things To Do